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This week the weather has developed a taste of fall. Classes are back in session. We devote Thursday and Friday nights to high school football games and the Harvest Moon illuminates the dark sky. Soon we will pick apples, select perfect pumpkins, and navigate through my favorite corn maze. It is the largest in the area and boasts ten miles of trails across twenty-eight acres of towering cornstalks. Later there is a hayride with spiced cider. If we are brave, we can dare the ghosts and goblins to scare us at a late-night haunted house.

While the leaves are still green, and daytime temps remind me of summer, in dawn’s early hours, steam rises from my coffee cup. In a few weeks, frost will greet my morning ritual. The chattering squirrels demand the peanuts they know I have in my pocket. They are greedy beggars, fighting for the best treasure only to debate the merits of eating it now or burying it in their cache. The birds also want my attention, before they allow me to settle in and open my book.

Everyone is happy. I relax, reveling in the warm sunshine, touched by a soft breeze I sip my coffee and let the novel’s words fill my head.

How do you kick off your weekend?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Most Friday nights, I dine with friends and watch something on their wall-sized television. I could do without the television part (it hurts my eyes, though my friends know this and adjust the room lights accordingly), and sometimes we simply talk our way through dinner and the evening. On Saturday morning, I will typically make coffee and sit before the machine and write (type), as I’m doing now. Thanks for asking. I hope your weekend is grand!

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