Letting Unicorns Aid Your Productivity – Daily Quote


The poor unicorn is a much maligned and misunderstood creature.  Whether you believe the unicorn is a case of mistaken identity, and it is a rhinoceros, a narwhal, a long-extinct beast or merely a myth, he has survived for centuries. Accounts surfaced in ancient Greek mythology and circled the globe. From the Mediterranean to India and China to Chile, it is the stuff of legends.

For me, magic and legend present as two sides of a coin minted with equal parts history, and fantasy, mixing reality with imagination. The stories depict a ferocious brute which refused capture. When hunted, it would jump off a high cliff. The unicorn allowed the power concentrated in its glittering head ornament to absorb the impact and let it escape unscathed.

I like the concept of collecting mankind’s negative energy in an enchanted chalice to save the beast’s life. It is easy to pretend I am a unicorn when confronted with self-doubt, the dreaded imposter syndrome or when well-meaning friends take potshots at my goals. I collect the distressing thoughts, deposit them in my sparkling, magical unicorn horn, and watch them disappear. Then, I open my document and write.

How will you use your unicorn superpowers?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer


7 thoughts on “Letting Unicorns Aid Your Productivity – Daily Quote

  1. Did the unicorn start in Greece and other locations simultaneously, or did it spread with the migration of people. For me, one of the greatest mysteries is the similarities between Pan (Europe) and Kokopelli (Americas), The overlap in appearance and function on two different continents convinces me that they are the same person and truly exist(ed).

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    • I understand that early Greek writings by the historian Ctesias (c. 400 BCE) told the story of seeing the beast in India. The unicorn of South America is called a is called the camahueto and resembles a bull more than a horse.

      I had not drawn a connection between Pan and the Kokopelli. but I can see the similarities. Interesting stuff.

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