A Cup of Tea and A Healthy Break – Daily Quote


It has been a long, busy week. Lots of work, and more than a few late nights and early mornings has left my batteries low. During the week I take a break every 52 minutes, but you can only sustain the pace for so long. What I need now is less work and more time doing nothing.

I have learned downtime is just as important as working hard. You know work hard, play hard. It is time for a relaxing cup of tea, a blazing fire in the fire pit, a good book and perhaps a nap. No, I am sure there will be a nap. Then I know I can return to my work and be productive.

How often do you take breaks and recharge?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer


7 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea and A Healthy Break – Daily Quote

  1. I take many breaks throughout the day. Sometimes I will take a brief step outside or do a few sets of squats. My breaks don’t have to last very long. My favorite break is to stop and listen to a song or two. That often inspires me as well.

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