Respecting the Power of Magical Words – Daily Quote


Is it any wonder our ancestors developed speech? Hand gestures, while they convey meaning, have a limited range. Where did languages originate? Do words define a language or do languages dictate words? What was the first word ever spoken? Was it a name, an obscenity, or a sound signifying, “Stop, Danger ahead?” It’s all speculation, and while linguists float many theories, they are, most likely, all wrong.

The dichotomy supports the idea that words are magical creatures. A single word can cut to the core and divide people into irreconcilable sides. Conversely, uttering a different word soothes the savage beast and make everyone smile. Words can sing or sting, elevate or oppress, and bind us to freely seek change.

They possess energy and power. They provide the tools to express the abstract thoughts swimming in our heads. Without them, great ideas live unfulfilled lives, trapped in an imaginary world far removed from reality. Lacking communication, we have limited perceptions, and with it, the universe is our domain. What we do with the words we learn is an awesome responsibility, one that demands we remain mindful of their impact.

Which words will you choose today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Respecting the Power of Magical Words – Daily Quote

  1. today
    i choose to say thank you for yet another brilliant post.
    as a lover of language i sometimes forget to be mindful that i can use words as a tool
    to make people think me a fool or a sage.
    And so sometimes i end up in hot water even though i know the power possessed by words

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  2. I must say, this made me think of the words i uttered towards other people today, some are good, while others are those that i kinda regret saying. Maybe I need to remind myself time and time again that my words, although they may seem harmless, could actually influence the person on the opposite end more than I could imagine, for better or for worse.

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