Finding Success Through Persistence and Belief– Daily Quote


Encouragement fortifies our resolve and sustains the journey towards our most ambitious goals. With our heads buried in countless details, we slog from one unfinished task to a completed assignment. Reaching the ultimate destination sometimes seems impossible. Consumed by endless lists of to-dos, the goal fades. It helps to take a break and see how far I have journeyed. Then I realized the road still disappears beyond the horizon’s edge and my work is nowhere near finished.

I adjust my plan and restructure my daily markers, setting them to help me push forward, striding ahead, inching closer to my definition of success. I am free to forget about the endgame and the big picture. I can focus on my performance, concentrating on the job before me.

When the going gets tough when my tasks are never-ending, when I would rather binge-watch reruns, I persevere. When I fear I am not smart enough, or possess sufficient talented, or lack strength, I endure. Day follows day, and I continue, knowing I will arrive.

How will you persist today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer