Planning A Route to Success – Daily Quote


Another new month presents and one more chance to renew my commitment to reaching this year’s objective. October is roaring in reminding me the end of the year will be here in a little over ninety days. I am fighting back, refusing to relinquish my desire to reach my 2019 goals. While I have fallen a little behind, there is still time to make progress.

There are thirty-one chances to move thirty-one steps closer to success. I dusted off the goal list, checked my progress to date and identified the areas where I want to focus. I plotted and prepared an agenda for every day in October. It only remains to execute the daily plan.

Have you planned your month?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Funny this should pop up just as I was mentally reviewing my October plan! It is ambitious but doable except for those unexpected life challenges that always intervene. When that happens, I will adjust the plan and keep going, allowing myself the option to not meet a goal without self-recrimination.

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