Rediscovering Magic’s Existence – Daily Quote


Everyone is so serious. Acting mature is a prerequisite if you want to call yourself an adult. We dismiss childish notions, eschew the joy of playing, and abandon a realm of wonder and magic. Instead, we focus on work, maximize our productivity, accept the inevitable side hustle, and concentrate on attaining our goals. Work, work, work.

The need to pay bills, cover the rent, and maintain reliable transportation, sets the pace of our days. Desiring independence and self-reliance, we struggle to decode the formula that leads us to success. We embrace philosophy, critical thinking, analytical analysis, and statistical probabilities. We view the world as a machine, a system of cogs, gears, and programing we must decipher and dominate.

The term “magical thinking” is used in a derogatory manner to describe flaws in logic and denotes incorrect thought processes. We eradicate the possibility of chance and deem adults who entertain those ideas as borderline pathological.

Where children acknowledge magic’s existence in everyday events, grownups fail to even consider the thought of serendipity. I think we are better served by allowing a little magic to seep into our life and granting ourselves the freedom to follow where its call.

Where will you find magic today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Absolutely agree, when we lose the sense of magic around us, it means we are becoming too serious in life… time for a weekend getaway or some sort of adventure, so we can “re-set” our thinking, free our brain from “do this, do that,”

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