Groundswell – FFfPP

Title: Groundswell
Word count: 175 words

The plane’s shell curved, brushing the top of my head. I sank lower in my seat as the big man on the aisle shuffled, adjusted his jacket and rolled the magazine page back on itself. Feeling claustrophobic, I scrunched down, huddling close to the wall and stared out the window.

Green patchwork fields below me stretched as far as my eyes could see. Flyover country. The place where the ninety-nine percenters lived, worked and created a base for the one-percenters to ignore unless they needed something.

Me and my kind had grown tired of their extremes, the push and pull and the manufactured drama. It was hard to find a point, any entertainment value had long since faded, lost in mind-numbing predictability. They forgot their roots, allowing their contradictory talking heads to float in clouds. They forgot it had happened before, and their folly condemned them to the future my people remembered well.

The rise of the Third Estate lay on the horizon. They wanted a fight, and we planned to give them a show.


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Jo Hawk The Writer