Pursing Knowledge While Writing – Daily Quote


I have seen experts in their field. They know what they know. It is part of their DNA. But they are also prone to taking their knowledge for granted and they erroneously assume what they know is common knowledge. They assure there is nothing special or unique about their knowledge. It’s the old ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ adage.

It is true for writers as we take our knowledge base as common knowledge. If we can force ourselves to see the big picture, we may gain access to our unique perspective. But we still must overcome inertia. When we chase a new piece of knowledge, a spark replaces the inertia.  The spark is infectious, it seeps into our writing and we write with excitement and emotion. Our reader becomes infused by our quest and the spark spreads.

What do you want to know?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer


7 thoughts on “Pursing Knowledge While Writing – Daily Quote

  1. I recently wrote a story that included scenes at a trauma center and paramedic activities. I *didn’t want* to know about those experiences, but now I do. I was shocked at how wrong I got my rough draft.

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