The Anything Is Possible Mindset – Daily Quote


The universe loves throwing a monkey wrench into well-conceived plans. It’s inevitable, and I predict trouble whenever I commit to an important goal. I expect the sudden arrival of unforeseen obstacles whose purpose is to divert me from my intention and challenge my commitment. It is a litmus test; designed to validate my goals and confirm I am headed in the right direction. A colossal undertaking guarantees a proportional hardship to navigate.

A wise person once told me, we don’t discover struggles along our path, instead; the struggles are the path. We define ourselves not by what we do but by the difficulties we overcome. The conversation made a significant impact and changed my perceptions. I understand why we root for the underdog, bet on the dark horse, and pray for the longshot. Those are the people who beat the odds, face adversity and refuse to abandon a noble fight. They create miracles. They restore our faith in humanity and dare us to emulate their mindset.

Living an extraordinary life starts when we show up, get moving, and make something happen. When we agree to become an active participant and invest ourselves in the process, we enhance the probability of success. We can entertain the idea our dreams are possible, regardless of the challenges we encounter.

How will you attain your dream?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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