Pushing the Envelope to Climb New Heights – Daily Quote


Human beings like to push the envelope, fight in the arena, blaze new trails, and test their limits. Every individual has a unique, set of tolerable risks. Not all mountaineers want to climb Mount Everest, some prefer to base jump from a two-thousand-foot cliff. It is all about the precise balance of risk vs. reward. We have different definitions of acceptable danger. In accessing our tolerance, we consider the special skills that give us certain advantages, and we define our compelling reason.

There are thousands of reasons to quit, to stay in a safe place, to not try. To succeed, you must dig deep and identify your main purpose, your motivation to groom your mental and physical strength. It will push you to discover the unknown when others would stop, it is what keeps you going.

This month many writers are pushing their limits, reaching for the magic number of 50,000 written words. It is a daunting task. November is the season writers climb their Mt Everest. They plan and strategize, stare blank screens and force themselves to write. Propelled by exhilaration and the promise of a heady reward, they push the envelope and explore the unknown.

What are the reasons you create stories?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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