Releasing Your Fear to Find Freedom – Daily Quote


Outsiders often think creative people can do whatever they wish. You wield great power when you are the boss. But freedom comes with an equal measure of responsibility. The creative must manage every step in the creative process, from idea generation, creating the work, marketing, selling, managing submissions, to staying organized and on target. With luck, they invent a strategy that gets results.

It is a wonderful feeling when you devise a blueprint that works. The designโ€™s strictures can lead us to question the wisdom of messing with the constructs of a proven method. Success raises the cost of failure. Making an adjustment is intimidating, choosing a different path is frightening. We canโ€™t stop taking risks or trying a fresh direction. Picassoโ€™s works exemplified radical change. He began with realism, switching to what they now call his Blue Period and his work continued to evolve. Each innovation he undertook, carried the prospect that no one would buy his art. But each stage allowed him to grow as an artist. His evolution strengthened him.

Is there a project which frightens you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

16 thoughts on “Releasing Your Fear to Find Freedom – Daily Quote

  1. I have created many things in my lifetime and most of them have been exciting and very rewarding.
    But I have discovered one that makes my blood run cold, something I would rather not do, but needs must.
    The challenge is there, but so well hidden it is hard to find.
    What am I talking about!
    Marketing and promoting my books!

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      • Literary Festival was nice, but they had too many authors to talk to, 11 all together, they should have had 5-6 at the most. It was interesting. They had 8 books stacked on the table as the center piece. We all had a number where we sat so at the end #1 chose the book they wanted from the centerpiece, then #2 chose, etc. Great idea! Have you ever read โ€œThe Shoemakerโ€™s Wife?โ€ Another book, โ€œLost in Translation.โ€ There were quite a few Italian authors, so fun to hear them talk about growing up in an Italian family. Then I walked to ND and stopped at Grotto, which was nice. Beautiful day today!!

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      • Your event sounds fabulous, but I would have expected nothing less from St. Mary’s. I have not read either of the those books, as romantic tales are not my first choice in novels. Yesterday was beautiful. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

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  2. Another aspect of the freedom to choose is in the design of the artist behind the art. In these days of social media, I’m always surprised to see general interest artists posting truly divisive things on twitter. I find it impressive that they are willing to alienate half the population to stay true to their beliefs. The most egregious example is Stephen King, of course if he only earns half the money, who would notice?

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    • Like you, Jeff, I am often surprised at the twists and turns some “stars” reveal once they have become famous. I am sure they appeal to some niche of a niche. In the end they are responsible for their destiny.


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