True North – Weekend Writing Prompt

Title: True North
Source:  Weekend Writing Prompt #132 – Draconian
Objective: Write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 103 words

Josiah’s heavy heart pounded, consuming his senses, as they lowered the ornate casket. Heated arguments regarding the family business, scarred their relationship. Now every decision rested on his shoulders.

No one would stop him from testing his postulate that self-restraint and a strong moral compass would produce more profitable results than his father’s strictly enforced, draconian laws.

His instinct told him he was right, but he risked everything. He touched the golden compass in his pocket. It was both a gift and a burden, that whispered years of quiet wisdom. Clutching it in his fist, he would let it guide his way forward.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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