Combating Writer’s Block by Analyzing My Life – Daily Quote


Who hasn’t experienced this feeling? It is difficult convincing myself to leave my bed. Like Nicola, my spirit is willing, but my body refuses to budge. Anger is my first response, and it often works. It helps me burn the blahs and I force myself to move. If that doesn’t work, I go through my list of usual culprits. Am I drinking enough water? Are my iron levels low? Am I obsessively worrying over something which I can’t control? Do my meals and snacks contain too much junk food? Am I sleeping? Or do I have too many responsibilities?

My review showed three things conspiring against me and contributing to my lethargy. The first was worry. The second was a task list three people couldn’t accomplish. These two items combined to ensure I wasn’t getting a restful night’s repose. Identifying the root cause of my exhaustion is only the beginning. I shifted responsibilities, and recognizing apprehension’s futile nature, helps me monitor and banish those thoughts. Sweet sleep came as I resolved those issues. I could breathe, and when I can breathe the words flow.

What items trigger your fatigue and interrupt your writing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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