Using Daydreams and Coffee to Fuel Your Writing – Daily Quote


Trust me, you never want to hear me singing. The phrase ‘can’t carry a tune in a bucket applies.’ While I love music, the only time I allow myself to sing and dance is while I do my chores. I have a strict prerequisite of an empty house, and the volume cranked to ear-splitting decibels. I accomplish my work at a breakneck pace, and creativity spurs me to return to my desk.

My real joy is composing as I listen to my favorite tunes with a cup of hot, black coffee at my side. The rhythms keep words flowing and my fingers typing. It is very productive and dreamy. The coffee keeps me focused and intent on capturing feelings, ideas, and dreams. Though in my daydreams, instead of riding on a garbage truck, I prefer flying through town on a fire engine, destined to save a cat.

Does your writing let your voice sing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Using Daydreams and Coffee to Fuel Your Writing – Daily Quote

  1. One coffee drinker to another, “music is within me” but not always best for me to sing it too loud in front of others. Softly, mind you, works best for me (but mostly for others). I sing all the time as I have music playing ALL the time. But either way, it inspires me. Love the post and now inspired to let my “mostly creamer, less coffee” lead the way for the next few posts.


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