Overcoming Monday Difficulties with Hard Work – Daily Quote


It is easy to succumb to Monday morning drudgery and fall into the trap of negative emotions. There are countless psychological and neurological studies supporting the assertion that your current emotional state has a huge impact on your performance. Monday’s return to work dread can make you less productive, less motivated, less creative, less engaged, and it can leave you depressed, tired and feeling hopeless.

If your job is meaningful, looking forward to Monday is easier. Finding a career you are passionate about, means each new week is an opportunity to do what you love. Even if you wouldn’t trade your business for anything else, you can still face difficulties that test your resolve. Clarifying the items that are bothering you and taking corrective actions helps you maintain control. It may be as simple as preparing for Monday before you leave on Friday, getting organized, or addressing your most stress-inducing task first. Of course, a cup of coffee couldn’t hurt.

How will you make your transition from weekend to work week easier?


Keep on writing.

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12 thoughts on “Overcoming Monday Difficulties with Hard Work – Daily Quote

  1. Most Mondays are difficult these days, my old bones really don’t want to do anything. And as for the old grey cells, not sure I even have any, at least on Monday mornings…
    But somehow I manage to gather up enough enthusiasm for another week…

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