Becoming a Fear Hacker – Daily Quote


I confront fear every morning. No, I am not an undercover special agent or a fugitive fleeing from the authorities. I am an ordinary, everyday fear hacker. Back in the caveman days, that sensation in the pit of your stomach evolved to keep you safe. But I haven’t seen any saber-tooth tiger roaming suburbia lately. So, instead of pulling the covers over my head and hiding, I invite it in for a conversation.

By doing so, I have discovered fear’s virtues. The feeling lets me know I am alive. It is a motivator. It focuses my thoughts and grounds me in the present. Inside of fear lives instinct and intuition, two keys to helping me make quick decisions and get my work done faster. Doing scary things means I am on the right path. Coming to terms with fear has made it my greatest asset and best ally.

Do you dare to become a fear hacker?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Fear Hacker – Daily Quote

  1. A very Buddhist post. The Buddha taught that when Mara (a demon) comes knocking, invite him in for tea. Mara was actually trying to tempt the Buddha with earthly pleasures, but I think it works for fear too. Happy Thanksgiving Jo.

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