Finding Productivity in Sleepless Nights – Daily Quote


On countless evenings, I find I cannot sleep. My brain won’t stop, it races, obsessively testing ideas, possibilities, and contemplating the question ‘what if?’ I have long since learned my lesson, there will be no rest. I relinquish my control, leave my bed, and write. Other nights, I am jolted from my dreams by some cosmic alarm clock. I clutch a brilliant idea like a lightsaber slashing through the dark. Once again, I stumble to my desk, powering on the laptop to transcribe the dream. The stories refuse to be pushed aside.

Telling tales is in my blood, and I schedule writing sessions every day, but I give myself a break from my normal routine on the days when my brain did not register it was quitting time.

Do you write at unusual times?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

13 thoughts on “Finding Productivity in Sleepless Nights – Daily Quote

  1. I think our muses, or whatever it is that drives our imagination, have no idea of time or place come to that. I’m just as likely to need to write something down when shopping, gardening or in the bathroom!

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