An Introverts Guide to Surviving Holiday Parties – Daily Quote


Required holiday celebrations begin this weekend. My introverted nerves jangle as I brace myself for the marathon that ends New Year’s Day. Crowds make me uncomfortable. I prefer staying home in my comfy PJs, bunny slippers, and snuggling under a blanket with a book. Large parties suck the life from me, blending with normal people is a challenge, and small talk is an awkward ping pong match. Socializing and connecting with others good for me, but I struggle to balance interactions and fake smiles with the individuals I want to see.

Behind each event, is a frantic host who has spent countless hours and superhuman effort to ensure perfection. Honoring their work and surviving, means setting rules before I enter the venue. Pre-party, I arm myself with non-controversial, conversation-starting topics I can use when discussions lag. I move between groups before I run low on questions. I am not shy about using the bathroom or an outdoor terrace as my self-imposed time out zone. These quiet alcoves are excellent for a mini recharge. The added benefit is I discover other introverts lurking there. If I am lucky, we commiserate and share a laugh that makes the extroverts, who can’t stand to miss anything, approach us.

The keys to navigating sizable groups are to keep moving and having a “time to go” signal. It’s never acceptable to leave too early, but there is an optimum moment. I grab my coat, thank my host, and make a graceful exit.

How do you survive holiday parties?


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23 thoughts on “An Introverts Guide to Surviving Holiday Parties – Daily Quote

  1. Oh I am SO with you on that balcony. On Tuesday I have a “compulsory”(when did Christmas become a corporate event?) festive lunch with work people of almost 100 strong. No balcony, and the bathroom will no doubt be cluttered with chattering bits of walking tinsel and sparkles, preening and posing in the mirrors. 😦

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    • Yikes. I feel your pain. The only words of advise I have is not arriving early, mingle and move. Remember to thank the big boss for hosting, complement them on something good that happened this year and express your excitement for the coming year. Hopefully, you will find your alcove to decompress. Best of luck to you, my friend. 🎄

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  2. Now I’m an old bird I cannot see the point in making small talk with people I’ll never see again, and so I don’t! As long as I’ve still got my knees you’ll usually find me dancing at parties – in that way I don’t have to talk too much!

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  3. I don’t think we ever go to proper parties, half a dozen people is a good number, or little get togethers. Avoid weddings – how can you leave before the bride and groom! Avoid New Year – what excuse is there to leave before midnight!

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  4. I’m older but I always enjoyed hosting gathers for my family or others. Now, I enjoy my time alone more than before, and use your plan to manage the time I must be present before I can escape back to my comfort zone.

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    • I enjoy hosting, mostly because it is close friends and family and I have duties to preform that keep me busy. Attending big bashes however, is less enjoyable. I am glad you have a plan to get you through to your escape time. 👍🎄

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  5. I used to get drunk. Now I just get miserable. Add in my failing hearing and hearing aids that get overloaded with sound leaving me to hear everything and nothing. I don’t know why I even bother. I always leave too early after I come too late.

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    • Parties are stressful for a lot of us. They are notorious for music loud enough to squelch normal conversation, I can’t imagine navigating with a hearing aid. I wish you luck with the coming holiday parties. ❄🎄❄

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