Refusing to Shut the Day Down – Daily Quote


Dueling voices live in my head. One encourages me to do whatever I want, while the other reminds me I should complete the work I have slated to accomplish. The problem is, they are often very different. It is easy to shut it down. Sleep. Veg in front of the tv. I listen to Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” or “Fell on Black Days” and sink into darkness. Hopeless hours of nothingness become dark days that dampen my cares, obscure my goals, and limit my opportunities.

Or, I can summon my obsidian ninjas. They help me scrape together every ounce of creative energy, lift my mighty pen, and write an unexpected exit out of the vortex. My words spew death and destruction on the forces standing in the way of my character’s arc. They propel him into battle, driving him to the story’s climax. Nobody enjoys a story where the protagonist succumbs to difficult situations. Why would I allow myself to be any less persistent than the characters I construct? The courage I create for them motivates me to overcome my challenges.

Do your stories inspire your life?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Refusing to Shut the Day Down – Daily Quote

  1. I generally go to the stories of others for inspiration. But then I’m dealing in poetry in which the notion of character is different. Still, between you and me and anyone else who reads this, I expect to have a feeling that something worthwhile has been written before I’ll post it or otherwise release it. That probably sounds vain; but if I don’t have a feeling for it, i shouldn’t expect anyone else to. Gee, you ask evocative questions!

    Wow, I go for the obsidian ninjas. What a promising resource, truly, to have on hand and then invoke.

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    • LOL Yep those ninjas are pretty bad ass. I understand the feeling of wanting to put out only your best work. But I have found some of the stuff I am only OK with… other people love. Feedback can be a wonderful thing.

      Glad you like the questions. 🙂

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