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Gretchen’s quote is brilliant. There are days I don’t want to write, or the day has been cray-cray, and it is late, and I want nothing more than to go to sleep. The magic happens as I write my one sentence, and suddenly I have written a paragraph or a few hundred words. They add up, fast.

Even if it is late, I try to make time to write. Sometimes I nod off and wake hours later with a glowing laptop screen and my face bearing the impression of the keyboard. It is a good thing I love writing.

How do you keep your writing habit strong?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

14 thoughts on “Keeping the Daily Habit – Daily Quote

  1. I thought I knew the answer to your question, in fact I was sure I had it nailed. Until recently…
    I never doubted my ability to find the magic every time I picked up a pen, but either my advancing years, or the cold weather has knocked one of the wheels off my buggy… Something I will be addressing in the New Year, as I’m sure I’m not ready to stop just yet…

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  2. Between work, kids and being under the weather, I know that anything I write won’t be worth its weight in digital ink. If I can’t find the umph to write, I will browse through some articles like this for motivation. Thanks for pulling a few sentences out of me!

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    • There are days when even a few sentences are a major accomplishment. While they might not be wonderful, you never know what new ideas they may spark. I hope you feel better soon, my friend. ❤


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