Ignoring Writing to Write Better – Daily Quote


Sometimes the words don’t come. We get tired and find the free flow of ideas and coherent thoughts are blocked. The result is frustrating, and it can grow into a debilitating problem. Joni has the right idea. The best remedy is to disrupt the normal course of business. It’s time for a change. Mix up your schedule, do something different, push writing from your mind.

My answer is allowing my hands the freedom to engage in movements they know well. It allows my brain to rest. Completing household chores, working out, crocheting a scarf, using my sewing machine, hauling firewood, maintaining my car, or sanding a wooden table, lets me fulfill my need to create. Those tasks are physical, and while they work my muscles, my mind wanders.

Rote activities shift my overactive thought process into neutral, it clears a space, leaving a void. The universe despises voids, and they require filling. That is when inspiration strikes, and I am soon back at my keyboard, covering blank pages with lines of text.

What activities help you clear the way for your story?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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