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The great holiday rush of last-minute madness began at 5:01 pm on Friday. With lists and reminders set, along with a tank full of gas, I hit traffic-snarled roads, crowded stores, and attended a whirlwind of gatherings. In the wee hours of the morning, tired, but happy, I collapsed into bed, knowing my reward was near.

The presents are purchased, wrapped, and distributed to their intended recipients. Some lie tucked beneath a brightly twinkling Christmas tree waiting for the big man to arrive. Countless dozens of themed cookies were baked, packaged, and many have already disappeared with approving “yums.” The family dinner is planned. My fridge, freezer, and pantry are stuffed with every ingredient I will need. I review my notes and smile. Today’s agenda calls for pajamas, naps on the couch, and a movie marathon.

The lineup is not surprising. The list contains classics, both new and old, and maybe one or two added, just for fun. We know every word. The stories haven’t changed, but we watch them with nostalgia kissed delight. Friends stop by, the pizza arrives, and holiday stress gives way to holiday cheer. We check movie facts on our phones, bet on the likelihood of a White Christmas, and make plans for the New Year.

What is your favorite holiday movie?


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6 thoughts on “The Great Holiday Movie Marathon – Daily Quote

  1. I have friends with whom I watch movies once a week or so. This season, we’ve seen White Christmas so far and Die Hard (a sentimental favorite). On my own, I’ve watched the Rudolph story (which came out when I was in junior high school) and several Hallmark movies. My sister likes these because they guarantee a happy ending. She, I, and we (all) need happy endings even if they’re not always realistic. I’ve been watching Christmas episodes of TV shows anthologized by retro and other channels.

    Merry Christmas and merry Christmas media!


    • We are having a great time today. Die Hard is on the list along with some from Hallmark. The great debate over which movie is next always sparks some heated (but friendly) discussions.

      I hope you are enjoying your holiday movies. ❤

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