Walking Off My Failed Attempt of Moderation – Daily Quote


Holiday fare is one of the most anticipated aspects of Christmas. It is also detrimental to my waistline. So, I adopt a mandate of restrained indulgence. There are dishes I prepare at no other time of the year, and I don’t want to miss a single delectable mouthful. The wise take stake of the offerings, they prioritize their favorites and calculate appropriate portion size. It is important to estimate which selections won’t make it to leftover status. My group is notorious for bypassing my beloved Brussels sprouts. That means I am free to help myself to the more popular items before the family devours them.

Taking an extended walk is a great tactic for burning calories. The fresh air is invigorating, and it lifts the food-coma hangover from my body. The weather is warmer than normal for December. Bundling in layers and wrapping a scarf across my face to defend against bitter cold is unnecessary. Today, with the temperature hovering at 60F, I only need a light jacket draped over the t-shirt I am wearing.

My meandering takes me further from home than I realized. Blue skies smile and the quest for what lies around the next corner, or past the horizon’s edge beacons. But I must turn back, leaving untold discoveries for another adventure. They promise to wait for my return.

How will you spend your Boxing Day?


Keep on writing.

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17 thoughts on “Walking Off My Failed Attempt of Moderation – Daily Quote

  1. Today, I am trying hard not to think of the new year and what it might mean for us.
    Will I continue to struggle, or will I learn something that will elevate us to a level where we can actually see where we want to go?
    Sorry this isn’t more enervating, but you did ask!

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  2. Today is a day I begin contemplating changes I hope to make in the new year. Watching my weight, stretching daily, walking more, reading more, and making time to write more. Will I accomplish all this – who knows – miracles have been known to happen when one’s resolve is true.
    Best wishes for a Safe, Healthy, and Happy New Year!

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  3. 60 degrees! Only 50 here, but I’ll take it. We went to Longwood Gardens. a 1000 acre plot of land in eastern PA to take in the sights today. First we walked the whole thing in daylight, enjoying the landscaping, and then we walked it again after dark to see their world-class light display. Quite tuckered out. Not sure about the calorie balance though, we went out for some pretty amazing pizza in between.

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  4. My Boxing Day was, what, Thursday. I visited with friends the day before (Christmas day). Boxing Day was relatively still. i don’t think I went anywhere. I went through things I’d let slide (well, a few), wrote, ate, drank, tried to nap (still not very good at that), enjoyed the muffled quiet from the street outside.

    I hope your holidays are going splendidly!

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