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Being a writer, I pay attention to comments, snippets of conversations, and uncensored chatter. I wouldn’t call it eavesdropping exactly, but when I am working in coffee shops and libraries, I occasionally overhear interesting remarks. Many discussions pertain to work and follow a predictable pattern. A trained ear will seek the gems that ignite reflection and understanding. A recent orator at an adjoining table, pulled me from my writing, as she whined, recounting how bored she was as if it was a circumstance to avoid.

I am never bored. Activities, responsibilities, deadlines, and never-ending thoughts fill my days. Contrary to most who wish to dodge periods of idleness at any cost, I pursue it. Buried in a state people regard as undesirable, I find a silence where time expands, and clarity pushes chaos and confusion from my mind. Sitting without doing the world doesn’t perceive activity or productivity. I don’t consider it boring. It is the portal to my creativity and the stimulus for inspiration. This is where my muse lives and speaks to me.

This week I am setting goals for 2020. I have discovered this lull between Christmas and New Year celebrations is a great time to pursue boredom, discover my path, and devise a plan to achieve my fondest desires.

Do you shun boredom?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Making Time for Boredom – Daily Quote

  1. I cannot say that we ever get bored as we try our best to keep ourselves occupied most of the time. I do question myself at times, what am I doing with my time and should I be doing something more constructive but hey – being retired, I guess that is par for the course. Thanks for sharing.

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    • There are so many things to keep us busy, being bored is never a complaint. It is, however, good practice to pause and consider where all the activity is leading you. Thanks for you comment, Irwin.


  2. I enjoy being still. It doesn’t feel boring. It feels an invitation to let things in. If I think I’m bored, then I realize there’s something I meant to that I forgot. It’s kind of an instinct, anymore. I don’t think, Don’t be bored. I simply keep going, though certainly at varying speeds. Sometimes barely at all.

    Pursuing boredom. Now, that’s a paradox I hadn’t considered before. Thank you!

    I hope this in-between time is going emptily and fully for you in good ways and times.

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    • I never have time to be bored. There are far too many activities to enjoy, tasks to complete and sunrises to appreciate. A quiet time and space is a rare treasure, filled with a different kind of reward. Here’s to discovering new insights. 🍷

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