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Bang! Fireworks explode louder than a starter’s gun, and I panic. Am I ready? Have I compiled my New Year’s Resolutions, and do I stand any chance of completing them? Or will I trip, fall, and gasping for breath, collapse on the ground before I reach the quarter-mile mark?  I bet some won’t make it off the blocks. They say most people abandon them by February. I suspect the problem lies in only preparing for a 100-meter dash instead of the marathon our self-improvement laundry list demands.

My checklist is short, simple, and stacked to ensure victory. I also have a one or two-word annual theme. My mantra for 2020 is “success.” I developed my resolutions by asking a single question–How can I find success this week? My writing goal is to write 1,000 words each week. Not 52,000 words this year. My brain sees the big number, and immediately says, “no.” But 1,000 words? Sure, it is doable in either a marathon sitting or spread across a few days.

I rely on a habit and a little encouragement from my friends. Every Sunday afternoon, I schedule the coming week’s tasks. Can I walk five miles, lose one pound, plan a healthy meal, spend less money, transfer $50 to my savings account, organize a closet, or read one chapter in a book?  Chances are, if I start, I will do more than I planned, multiplied by fifty-two. That’s how we win marathons.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Setting Meaningful Resolutions – Daily Quote

  1. I normally do make several resolutions, but as I never seem to make any of them come true, this year I will keep them in my head. That way only I will know the results.
    I too, have decided on a mantra and mine is determination. This has always been my way forward and has helped me to achieve the impossible on occasion. Not sure when I stopped believing it, but that will stop next year!

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  2. Loved your analogy of preparing for a 100-meter dash versus a marathon. I am excited for 2020, time for new break throughs, it will happen! You’ve been determined, it’s a matter of time before you find yourself “right where you want to be.” Here’s to a GREAT start of the year.

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