How to Rule Your World in Five Seconds – Daily Quote


Count down from five.

Fear can paralyze us. Fear stops us in our tracks, prevents action, progress, and derails the fulfillment of our destiny. Some days the most difficult task is getting out of bed. Try counting backward from five, then go. You can’t wait until you feel like doing something, because… surprise… you are never, ever going to feel like it.

Your goal is to exercise every day. You planned it, schedule it for 9am. But when the clock strikes 9, you waver. Neuroscience has calculated we have five seconds to act before our brain kills our best intentions. Exercising is risky, you might injure yourself, and develop sore muscles. Your instincts are trying to protect you, keep you safe, and encourages to you pull the blankets over your head.

The five-second rule helps break the impulse, it gets you moving and pushes you into action. You may know there is nothing dangerous about going for a walk, making a phone call, writing a story, but when you hesitate, you have five seconds before your brain convinces you to stop.

Instead, you must take control, rule yourself, start counting, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO.

So far, it’s been working.

Will you take five seconds to rule your world?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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