Untangling Complete Chaos in Favor of Plain Crazy – Daily Quote


Holidays shouldn’t happen mid-week. It is saner to amend them to a weekend in a reasonable, structural manner. Even then, it is preferable to schedule them beginning on a Thursday to allow for a reprieve from an inevitable Monday.

In the last two weeks, I have experienced four miserable Mondays. After multiple calendar checks and confirmation with other sources, I discover another one looming. My body tells me it should be Thursday, while the data confirms it is a Sunday. I am confused, discombobulated, disoriented, and a tangled mess without my schedule.

They have disturbed my typical sleep patterns. I don’t know if I am staying up late, waking early, or collapsing from exhaustion and taking a nap. Festive cocktail parties, wrapping presents, negotiating traffic, and adhering to pressing deadlines can take their toll. After braving family dinners fraught with complex dynamics, and taboo topics, raising a glass or two on New Year’s Eve is as much about saying goodbye to the holiday season as it is about welcoming the return of my normal, crazy routine.

Are you happy to resume your familiar, predictable, everyday life?


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7 thoughts on “Untangling Complete Chaos in Favor of Plain Crazy – Daily Quote

  1. Yes, but you’ve enjoyed four Fridays too. I loved our midweek holidays. Five days IMO is too long to plow through without a break. I’d like Wednesday off every week. Of course long weekends are nice too. But I am happy to get back to my regular schedule. It brings spring ever closer.

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  2. I agree! I have been off this whole holiday time. What are Christmas and New Year’s doing on Wednesday? I keep thinking the next day must be the weekend, or the holidays must be just after. I’m sorry you;ve felt such disorientation and dislevelment (thinking of the bubble that centers the level and not doing it this time). I look forward to our returning to equilibrium.

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