Avoiding Traffic Jams and Connecting with the Fast Lane – Daily Quote


I drive in the fast lane. The open road beacons, I shift through the gears, ready for an exhilarating ride, when traffic slows, and I find myself in bumper to bumper, not-getting-anywhere-soon, gridlock. Thankfully, rush hour is predictable, and I try to arrange my schedule to avoid those times whenever it is possible. I plot and plan my daily commute and my weekly errands. I see no reason to spend forty minutes on a trip I can finish in twenty by leaving earlier, or waiting for a better window.

My overall strategy is to complete every task with a similar methodology. If I notice the internet connection bogs down between six and ten, I opt to upload files at a different time. When I write, and the words are flowing, I continue writing past my scheduled stopping point. For group projects, I ensure communications with other team members sets clear expectations and deadlines.  Reducing wait times, eliminating the need to make corrections, or rework jobs helps keep me from feeling frantic. Using those wasted hours in more productive pursuits means I accomplish more, reduce my stress, and maybe discover a few more minutes for sleep.

What traffic jams are slowing your progress?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

4 thoughts on “Avoiding Traffic Jams and Connecting with the Fast Lane – Daily Quote

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