The Freedom to Move Toward Your Goals– Daily Quote


We are creatures of habit, comforted by familiar routines, and driven by homeostatic responses to maintain equilibrium. The world changes, we change, and what once brought a sense of security stops working. We must question our beliefs, values, goals, duties, obligations, hobbies, commitments, possessions, and even our relationships, when they don’t deliver.

How do we handle old stuff? How do we release what no longer holds value, as we reach for the new, the improved and updated, and the innovative?  Items received as gifts can create feelings of guilt when we contemplate disposing of them. Things we grew up with, cause nostalgia to rear its ugly head. Then there are the hard decisions. We bought the perfect piece they guaranteed would change our life until it didn’t. Dumping the item means admitting we made a mistake.

We carry baggage, burdens collected through the years we can’t seem to relinquish. My grandmother said we should use it up, wear it out, or pass it along. If something is not helping you move forward and attain your goals, it is hindering your progress. Letting reminders of the past go takes strength, as we struggle to summon the courage to face a brighter future.

What weight are you carrying that is holding you back?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

4 thoughts on “The Freedom to Move Toward Your Goals– Daily Quote

  1. This is going to be a year of many changes, some of which are already happening both out in the world and in my house. I also sense that some of these changes will not be welcome.
    I am desperately trying to think my way to a better understanding of my part in these personal changes, while wanting to implement some rather drastic ones of my own.
    2020 will be an interesting year…

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