Discovering Innovation in the Stars – Daily Quote


Is your destiny written in the stars? Your daily horoscope can offer insight on whether you will meet your soul mate today, or if your best option is hiding under the covers. Interpretations from the heavenly bodies influence many, offering guidance with their decisions. Others scoff at relying on unproven theories.

Our society places great value on truth, science, and a preponderance of evidence to support our tradition of enlightenment, and to explain our world. A sensible person believes in the well explained. They disregard the existence of wonder, dismiss awe, question the possibility of miracles, and discount the surprise of serendipity. We satisfy our interests with a quick internet search. But studies show the individuals who are the most innovative, are also more eager to explore, accept risks, and dig deeper into “why.”

They say curiosity drives creativity, and creativity takes us on non-linear paths through sometimes embarrassing happenstance. Tapping into our creative side means allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to get messy, to move things around, and experiment. We must develop a willingness to laugh, play, and flirt with genius. The inspiration is within your reach. You only need to look at the stars.

What questions will you explore today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

4 thoughts on “Discovering Innovation in the Stars – Daily Quote

  1. How do I get rid of my noisy neighbors? is my cosmic question for the day. Actually, I’ve been thinking about memory, sensation, and perception based on early experiences of communion in church. (It’s in the blog.) I think the horoscope is fun and have had fun checking it. Recently, though, I was told that my birthday is placed in one sign, naturally, but close to another. Depending on the calendar used, my sign might actually be the other. Sigh.

    I appreciate your using “messy” in describing creativity. It’s often how the writing process is described as well. I suppose one could intensely order creative activity (maybe). But where’s the fun in that?

    Thanks for your insights. I find learning and inspiration in them.

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    • It sounds like you are on an astrological cusp. Horoscopes are fun and at least as insightful as a fortune cookie. Still, sometimes I wonder…

      Creativity is messy. My stories require random notes, stray thoughts written on napkins or the back of my hand, and lots of starts and stops before I create something I like. I am delighted you find them useful.


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