Making the Perfect Day Happen Every Day – Daily Quote


When your life flashes in front of you, will the movie be a blockbuster? Will your friends shake their heads, or celebrate your unbelievable good fortune and call you lucky as they watch the long session of incredible mornings, adventurous afternoons, and stunning evenings playing on the screen?

Each January, I perform a ritual, an exercise that doesn’t require breaking a sweat, straining a muscle, or paying for a gym membership. The activity requires a pen, paper, and boundless imagination.  I envision my perfect day, an hourly accounting starting the moment I wake and ending when I fall asleep. Imagining multiple versions takes little effort, besides, reliving the same day would be boring. They do have one thing in common. Each is amazing. I fill them with adventure, joy, and the people, places, and things that make my heart sing.

My detailed scenarios enlightened me. They revealed straightforward changes and obvious additions I can incorporate today to move me closer to making the impossible dream a reality. A daily walk, designing my fabulous office space, and even developing my writing habit, are easy tasks to add to my to-do list. My imagined lineup reveals what is important to me and provides challenges and goals to work towards. I realize by incorporating minor alterations and daring to do what others won’t, my reward is living in a way most mortals can’t.

What happens on your perfect day?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

13 thoughts on “Making the Perfect Day Happen Every Day – Daily Quote

  1. I don’t think I have experienced a perfect day yet, and that is terrible, when you consider how old I am. Maybe I should try to create one on paper as you do? You never know, fate might take the hint…


  2. Interesting exercise. My perfect day is a combo of running, writing and reading with ample coffee throughout and Thai carryout for dinner. I don’t think many people are going to watch my movie with envy, but it works for me.


    • Your perfect day sounds wonderful, Jeff. I think admiration comes when others realize you are living life on your terms, doing the things that makes you happy. Good coffee throughout the day is always present in my ideal scenarios. ☕👍


  3. coffee to start, of course and then just letting the day take charge – so often I am constructing what happens , so a perfect day is just allowing nature and life to curl her arms around me.

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  4. I don’t think I’ve ever considered a perfect day. I often think a good morning would be coffee on the porch, though I don’t have porch. The morning would have to be ready for some writing, too. A nice lunch. Reading in the evening or visiting, maybe pubbing, with some friends. Gee, I really haven’t thought this through, though I think your January rite is terrific.


      • Thank you, friend, for the encouragement. I have been writing every morning now for a while, which I guess could anchor the rest of the day, since it’s something by and large I enjoy–with, I must admit, coffee. I should consider more concretely how the rest of the hours might go just as happily, satisfyingly. Then, as you say, set it down as the first part toward realization.

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