Committed to Working Toward the Spotlight – Daily Quote


They are fleeting moments. The planets aligned, the house is quiet, my fingers fly, and I am certain I have channeled a brilliance that transcends what meager skills I possess. I am convinced I am a genius. The great American novel is within my grasp. Eat your heart out J. K. Rowling, move over Hemmingway. F. Scott, please be a dear and fetch me a glass of champagne. Tickled pink, full of myself, I shut my laptop and pour giddy little me into bed where I dream of red carpets and accolades. Oh, my, is that a Nobel Prize?

The next morning I float on a silver-lined cloud to my desk, smiling as I open the file and read.

“Wait, what is this?”

Disbelief morphs into frantic desperation as I check time stamps and backups, searching in vain for the scintillating words written mere hours ago.

“Who wrote this crap?” I scream.

A soft chuckle mocks me, and I groan. I know the answer. This crap belongs to me.

I could be steps away from throwing in the towel, giving up, succumbing to the fear gnawing at the edges of my resolve, and hitting the delete key. My gut says this isn’t my ending, only my beginning.

Revisions promise to be grueling, requiring countless hours, working day-in and day-out, climbing my thankless mountain. I have a responsibility to honor my burning desire, and the stories the cosmos planted in my soul. They give me purpose, passion, and drive. They make me different. I renew my vow to out-last the lucky and out-work the lazy.

What dreams inspire your writing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Committed to Working Toward the Spotlight – Daily Quote

  1. i write with a sense of how something sounds, which is also how I get stuck sometimes.

    Since I taught writing and directed writing centers, I appreciate (for all of us) how needful is revision. My students would rather know that nothing need be changed. And usually I find an irony–more needs to be taken out than added in. I’d say this for the learners I’ve worked with and for myself.

    I guess interaction is what inspires me when writing. A hope that it gets read, and we will talk about it. Or it gets read by others I do not know who will discuss the work among themselves.

    I hope you have a great week, as productive as it needs to be!

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    • I love when the voice sings in my head and is transmitted to the blank page.
      If writing is hard, revisions approach the brink of the impossible. But the process can alter mundane words changing them into heavenly prose, and elevate a good story transforming it into brilliant adventure.

      Like you, I find the main objective lies in creating conversations with others. I hope your week is fulfilling.

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