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I searched for three years. On my quest, as with finding any satisfying relationship, I kissed frogs, toads, newts, and the occasional salamander before I finally heard the angels sing.

Each critique group has a vibe, a personality, a purpose that provides benefits for the members. I wanted something aligned with my goals. The first gathering revolved around coffee, chatting, and offering reasons for not producing. Their coffee was a little weak. Participants at a different venue served as acolytes to a published author. I prefer coffee over Kool-Aid. One bunch focused on everyone feeling “good” about their piece and stipulated they did not permit “harsh words.” In my book, high quality, strong, black coffee, doesn’t need cream and sugar.

Another meeting started with a friendly chat, then they eviscerated my submission. I could have been offended. I could have argued, defended my writing, insisted they didn’t understand and accused them of being wrong about what they were reading. Instead, I kept my mouth shut and my mind open. Truthful, honest feedback, delivered without malice, is a precious gift. It is a remarkable transformational tool, and if you can endure it, you will gain much.

Others see areas for improvement when we cannot. Unfiltered opinions help us consider our narrative from the reader’s perspective. The right critique group offers the perfect sounding board for creating our best story along with encouragement, camaraderie, and the pleasure of enjoying an excellent cup of coffee.

Have you found your critique group?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

16 thoughts on “Risking Criticism to Create Your Best Story – Daily Quote

  1. I have a good writing group locally and critique can be so hard to swallow sometimes but it is always sincere and without malice, that has really helped me, another readers perspective is priceless, note I say reader not writer, my group reads and critiques work submitted as readers not writers, not sure if that is the accepted practice but it has helped us in the group see shortcomings and loop holes.

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    • Having a great group for feedback is a blessing. Yes, criticism is hard to take, but I don’t know an easier or faster way, to pinpoint areas for improvement and ways to make a piece stronger. It helps a writer develop faster than just putting finished pieces in a drawer. ❤

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  2. No, I haven’t found my group. I tried the public group in my town for a while and it didn’t work for me. On two occasions I tried to form a group and those died out. I think online is my only real option. Not really sure how to proceed.

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    • My online group uses GotoMeeting. It is going great. I like it so much better than having to navigate a meeting space and traffic and chairs and figuring out who to sit next to. You find you group, Jeff. Don’t give up.

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