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I dread one meeting every quarter. It is mandatory, involves between six and twenty people, and they scheduled it to last an hour. The group never starts on time, often runs late, and lacks structure. A week before the appointed date, the participants generate a flurry of emails, texts, and phone calls that escalate in desperation as the conference approaches. It represents an enormous energy-sapping exercise. To combat the disruptive nature, I build in buffers and organize ample space to decompress, process my frustrations, and reset my agenda.

Based on my experience, I have learned to pace myself. There is no point in expecting a normal productive day when the day’s events are so unsettling. If you listen to the experts, they tell you to check your emotions at the door. But feelings are sneaky and adept at undermining your best intentions. Instead of ignoring those feelings, and trying to push through them, I find it more helpful to face them head-on. Working at peak energy levels and allowing myself to coast when things get under my skin, helps maximize my efficiency and my productivity.

Do you create buffers around emotionally charged situations?


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  1. Not to be subtle but I think meetings are evil. We have them because we must, and then afterward life starts again. I’m sorry you have yours and applaud your way to manage the experience.

    I hadn’t thought of this way, but I guess to do make buffers. And I’m trying to make more. I have new neighbors who are bad with noise. It’s right above me. I selected not to be quiet about it. With the other neighbors (who feel the same), with the landlord (whose track record is to do nothing), and with my friends and family (for support). The upshot is that I’ll be moving, but it’s a long time coming. Now I hope I can have buffers to keep from freaking out.

    Thank you. I hope you’ve having a fine week.

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