The Multiverse, Alternate Timelines, and Following Your Dreams – Daily Quote


I am reading a thought-provoking story exploring the multiverse, alternate timelines, and an entire ensemble of countless regions created by distinct big bangs, within disconnected space-times, with an ever-increasing number of universes. Wrapping my mind around the cosmos’ vastness is difficult. Since childhood, space, time, and alternate worlds have intrigued me.

Another fascination is when we sleep and dream. Everyone dreams, even if the full contents don’t make the jump into our wakefulness. They are part of us, skimming beneath consciousness, waiting for us to discover them. One concept says everything is a dream, and every dream is real. It then follows that every dream is possible. The idea, when considered, can play tricks and twist your mind into a pretzel.

What if there is a kernel of truth? Do dreams allow a glimpse into timelines where you live an idealistic, picture-perfect, best-version-of-yourself life? If your dream life exists in any universe, then your dreams are achievable. Action, following your path, and connecting your wildest desires with your timeline’s reality is your unquestionable destiny. Dare to dream, but channel your bravest essence, and create the vision the cosmos revealed.

What is the cosmos revealing to you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “The Multiverse, Alternate Timelines, and Following Your Dreams – Daily Quote

  1. First, book title, please. Now, my dreams are never picture perfect. They are always unsettling and focus on the theme of “lack of control.” It’s interesting to suggest giving more weight to your dream life. When I think about my waking life, there is very little time that isn’t spent in routine activities. My dream life undoubtedly has much more “unstructured play” and, like you suggest, deserves more respect.

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    • Jeff, the book is very disappointing, so I can’t recommend it. The premise held so much potential, but sadly, it has been downhill from there. Not sure I will finish it. 🙁

      Considering dreams as in integral part of life, is not a new concept, but it does seem to be one we dismiss. The the questions of what happens, and were do I go when I sleep have always been intriguing. And when I’m gone how do I know to come back? You can get quite a headache thinking about these things.

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  2. I have no idea what the cosmos might be disclosing to me. I enjoy its depths and considering, thinking on, all the possibilities. There is so much, I can feel disoriented.

    In my dreams, I seem to be building places. Places I return to and add more. Setting seems to be more important than plot. A town, a school, a church, and a forest. Maybe I’m a frustrated architect.

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