The Looking-Glass Self – Weekend Writing Prompt

Title: The Looking-Glass Self
Source:  Weekend Writing Prompt # 142– Looking-glass
Objective: Write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 64 words


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

I’m looking at you through the glass, terrified to try again.

You won’t accept easy answers, repeating I’d be a fool to expect a different future.

Life’s only promise is my broken heart will never mend.

No one tells you how quickly epidemics spread, cuts you down, becomes your home.

Evaporated dreams reflected inside my tortured head makes me question: Was it ever real?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

19 thoughts on “The Looking-Glass Self – Weekend Writing Prompt

  1. i read this a few times and each time it gets more powerful. Feelings left to fester becoming an emotional scab and we pick at it till it bleeds, yet still no answers why we treated in such a way. I like how you used the words epidemic and torture in this piece, the mirror mask was a protection form the world but not from self. Or I could have got it all wrong inside my own head!! Either way, this is truly exceptional from you Jo.

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  3. I’ve been hosting a first sentence prompt for a while now and ran across this prompt so I joined in with my own 64 words. Yours is interesting, I like it!!

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