Dare to be Bacon – Daily Quote


I’m a non-starter for breakfast. Before two o’clock in the afternoon, I can only manage coffee. I require several hours to shake the last vestiges of sleep, reacquire the ability to speak in coherent sentences, and remember I am a human, not a zombie. A hot cuppa Joe helps my transformation.

There are many great dishes unjustly relegated to morning hours. Bacon has made the jump, transitioning from a sidekick for scrambled eggs to everybody’s wingman. Bacon-wrapped scallops, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon-wrapped French fries, bacon donuts, chocolate-coated bacon, and bacon ice cream are a few of the break-out roles for our favorite salty, smokey, crispy, fun-filled friend.

Waffles have ventured outside of their early typecasting, daring to provide a supporting role to chicken. Oatmeal creates delicious cookies. And quiche makes daring appearances throughout the day from appetizers to sweet desserts.

With these success stories, might we find a place for French toast, biscuits, round sausage patties, coffeecake, or cream of wheat? What’s wrong with Crêpes, Eggs Benedict, or hash browns served for dinner? I would love it if we elevated maple syrup to an all-day condiment. Or maybe I am a starving artist, attempting to spin my reality, and my need to eat on the cheap until my next payday.

Are you feeling stuck in your same-old, same-old?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “Dare to be Bacon – Daily Quote

  1. I don’t know, I like having breakfast food for dinner. And bowl of cereal is a snack.

    Your first paragraph is so clear and compelling. I’m supposed to take pills, so I’ve added toast to coffee (then typically take the pills later than I should).

    I think the rise of waffles and hash browns is a good campaign!

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