The Care and Feeding of Your Writing Hydra – Daily Quote


I started my writing journey to release the characters who were chattering in my head. Adventures hovered and flitted through my mind as numerous as fireflies on a summer’s night. But I shared Tony’s concern. Would there come a point where I ran short of ideas? Where would I find inspiration? How could I continue my quest if my well was dry?

Despite my fear, I write daily. I pluck an individual concept from the ether, tease the thread from the massive tangle of jumbled thoughts, and I describe what I see. Some develop like a single seed of a dandelion, so delicate, I must act quickly to capture them before they float away on the slightest breeze. Some tales are yarns created from nubby hand-spun wool. They produce interesting textures and present unexpected issues that demand creative solutions. They grow, creating a warm, comfortable blanket.

Writing is like cutting the head off a Hydra. One day, I discovered the dandelion seed had taken root and become a vigorous plant demanding my attention once more. Establishing itself in a tiny crack, it threatened to take over the garden, and I knew the only way to weed it out was to write more and write faster. Each written piece spawns more story ideas, and my list grows longer until I find I am standing in a field of yellow flowers.

Does your writing inspire additional stories?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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