Should I Stress, or Should I Rest? – Daily Quote


Sunday, and I am so exhausted. There’s a huge difference between laziness and exhaustion. We often declare we are lazy when, in truth, we are dead-dog tired. But are we feeling fatigued from the right activities? Are we filling our days with insignificant movements, or are we making strides towards reaching our fondest ambitions?

It is a balancing act. We push too hard, working to attain our goals, and discover we have become a workaholic in significant peril of burnout. They say we increase productivity when we rest, and recharge our batteries. However, resting on our laurels can lead to inertia, a break in our routine may derail our previous efforts, and picking up the pieces is discouraging. It’s difficult deciding what we need to do. I think I will write two hundred words and take a nap.

How do you decide when to push and when to rest?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

20 thoughts on “Should I Stress, or Should I Rest? – Daily Quote

  1. Our days are pretty normal and not ones that would make us dog-tired and require the need to rest. Once one becomes an octogenarian, we sort of pace ourselves. Although I must admit on days that we start out with a visit to the doctor, followed by an hour of line dancing, followed by some shopping and errands to run, we do sort of run down rather quickly around 3 pm in the afternoon. The wife usually watches a chick flick and I head to the computer to either read e-mail or begin writing. At our age though we are usually inclined to rest versus stress. Gotta conserve that energy…after all….tomorrow is another brand new day!

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  2. I think I will write two hundred words and take a nap.

    I hope you did that. That sounds good. I set goals for myself for the day. I’m going to write and post a poem, which usually means drafting a number of poems, selecting, revising, and so on. I’m going to through some boxes. I’m going to wash the dishes now. I’m going to look at new (to me) apartments. I must admit, I get frustrated if these goals aren’t met, though if it’s for a good reason, I don’t mind. A real need involving real people. That would do it (stop me from my plan) and would be fine.

    I hope the new week gets off to a good start for you.

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    • Thanks, Christopher, and yes, I did get some writing done along with a nap. I love having a plan for the day, and like you, it is very frustrating when I can’t check all the boxes.

      I hope you are having some luck in finding a new apartment. Having a pleasant space of your own helps with feeling grounded and secure. 👍🙂


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