Setting the Stage to Avoid Failure – Daily Quote


I admit it. Recently, I have hit the failure button a lot. While I can meet my minimum daily word count goal, I struggle to reach my stretch goal. Since my aim is to increase my daily productivity, I need to increase the days I hit the stretch goal. Because a daily goal needs to be, well, daily.

Time to conduct a study, collect data, crunch numbers, and run them through the analysis machine. I discovered a pattern for the days I attained the stretch goal. The prior evening, I planned. Don’t worry kids, no outlines were harmed (or created) in this process.

Instead, I set the stage. Each session was different, but they bore similar themes. I prepared the tableau for the next day’s writing session. Think about throwing a party. You decide what you want to serve, go shopping, hang decorations, and make a few dishes in advance. On the day of the party, you cook. I have a new tactic. Each evening, I set the party, so the next day, I only need to write. We’ll see how it goes.

What takeaways have you learned from your failures?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. do all my chores in the evening and leave the morning hours for writing else i come home exhausted after work and can’t write even two words. it is a lot of planning if we want to carve time out. we waste more than we set aside and so being mindful of the urgency or hierarchy of daily tasks is one thing it must not become an excuse not to write. I hope I made sense!

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