The Upside of Being Sick – Daily Quote


I have been off my coffee since Monday morning. That is never a good sign. Exhaustion, achy muscles, boiling hot in one moment, then teeth-chattering cold the next, have ruled my daily existence. Regular doses of white caplets do nothing to ease the pounding in my head. A darkened room, a fluffy duvet, and sweet sleep offer the only escape. Days and nights meld. The passage of minutes and hours develop a rhythm that defies the norms associated with the accepted standards.

My brain left to its own devices declares a play day. My thoughts wander down overgrown paths, exploring avenues we normally zoom past. I discover characters in unexpected settings, their dialog reveals shocking truths and unimagined motivations. My mind spins new stories, introduces me to interesting protagonists, and intimidating antagonists. The cast grows, and red yarn connectors tie them together in a tangled web of intrigue.

When I wake, I frantically scribble notes. I try to drive as many stakes as possible to anchor the richly textured tapestries to the realm of reality before they dissolve into wispy filaments that retreat to the deep recesses of my dream world. I read my hasty scratchings and smile. There is enough material to keep my writing fueled for a long time. It is a good thing I only get sick once a year.

How does sickness affect you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

16 thoughts on “The Upside of Being Sick – Daily Quote

  1. a brain play day
    “overgrown paths”
    shocking truths revealed
    spinning new stories

    Goodness, sickness is a rich, as in fertile, time for you! The second paragraph, especially, describes effectively how the experience goes for you. Wonderful!

    I am sorry, though, if you’re sick and still sick now.

    Alec Guinness is quoted affirming his liking to get sick just enough to be allowed to be in bed with a good book. That’s all right for me. Otherwise, I’m impatient to have it over with.

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    • Thank you, Christopher, I am still tired but on the mend. When I am under the weather it seems the workings of my mind borders on delirium and the ideas run without any filters. I can’t wait to get started on creating more stories. 👍


  2. When my son got the flu, I thought, wow, I wouldn’t mind no responsibilities for a few days. Then when I got it, I felt quite differently. I didn’t feel like doing much the whole time I was sick and I was bored out of my skull. I’m glad I’m feeling better now, I hope you are soon too. BTW – no cups of coffee were missed during my four days of flu. My appetite was 100% unaffected.

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    • I detest being sick, Jeff. I can’t abide the wasted time and not feeling well enough to work on my goals. Idleness is not my forte. Thankfully, my mind is willing to pick up the slack and provide boatloads of entertainment. I am glad you and you son are both feeling better. 👍

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