When It’s a Safe Bet the Problem Will Disappear – Daily Quote


They are predicting snow again. The alarms began on Monday, forecasting 6-10 inches of accumulation. Their cautions made me smile. I have a stocked fridge, heat, electricity, plenty of coffee, and I didn’t have to rush to the store. Daytime temperatures are above freezing, which means my concern is nonexistent. In the off chance we get snowed in tomorrow morning, I know it will melt by noon.

I am happy to let others race around like Chicken Little, while I ignore the winter weather warnings to focus on my work. It has been blissful. When I choose not to engage with the reactionary melee, the din recedes, creating the same gentle hum as my favorite background music. The babbling is a perfect backdrop for my writing. I hope the snow descends and covers the world in a thick, muffling blanket. In the silent, dark, night, I listen to my heart. My muse giggles and arm in arm, we explore.

What problems can you safely ignore?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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