Rediscovering Freedom – Flash Fiction Challenge

Title: Rediscovering Freedom
Source: Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story that includes the open road.
Word count: 99 words

forest covered in snow

Photo by Jonathon Young on Unsplash

In our family cubicle, Grandfather told stories of his time before The Glitch.

Hushed whispers painted an unbelievable alien world. He spoke of blue skies, green grass, tall trees, and wild animals who roamed across continents. He said nature’s wind caressed his skin like a lover’s exhaled breath. When he closed his eyes, my favorite recitations began. His calmness and joy infected us, and his hypnotic voice recounted tales of the open road.

They labeled his accounts as mere rantings from a senile old man, but I believed.

In his name, we escaped and became the Open Road Warriors.
Keep on writing.
Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Rediscovering Freedom – Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. I wonder how our future generations will feel reading our stories. I just finished a historical and journalist’s account of her grandfather’s journal thru the Armenian genocide. I could not imagine the world he lived thru and that’s just barely a hundred years ago.

    Besides the thoughts you evoke, this story has a special relationship feel to it. Of how generations are linked thru story and testimony. I enjoyed your graceful storytelling Jo.

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