Happy Leap Day – Daily Quote


Today is a red-letter day, an event that happens once every four years. Happy Leap Day, everyone. It is more significant since the last time February 29th fell on a Saturday was 30 years ago. This year, we have a special opportunity to spend our extra 24 hours in any way we determine. With unlimited options, the world is our oyster.

Businesses join the celebrations by offering customers free products, 29% markdowns, or other discounts. There are 2.29 mile runs scheduled, if you are interested in a little exercise. You might consider arm curls at your local bar, and lift a Leap Day cocktail.

Whatever you decide, I hope you maximize your bonus and set the stage for a giant leap forward. They say we go farther when we get a running start. Where are my running shoes?

How will you invest your Saturday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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