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I bet Jennifer didn’t buy a typewriter, but I applaud her decision to select a vintage Mercedes. Given my current struggles with technology, I wonder if I might have been more productive using a typewriter. Then I realized even the most expensive machines lacked spell check and a delete key. Copy and paste was not an option, and printing multiple copies involved something called carbon paper. Finding a single mistake meant retyping the entire page. At the rate I make changes, I would go through a ream of paper in a single afternoon.

There is a saying that quality items, maintain their quality features. I am a big fan of searching estate sales, and resale shops, hoping for a rare find. Art pieces top my list. A well-executed oil painting or watercolor surpasses any mass-marketed print. Mismatched dishes, stemware, flatware, and vases in my favorite patterns and colors, are inexpensive additions to my eclectic table. Besides, when a guest breaks a piece, I can be truly a gracious hostess, and forgive them without shedding a tear.

Wooden furniture withstands the heavy use my household delivers, unlike any modern MDF. And there is the added benefit that its beauty increases with age. Antique area rugs make my feet happy, and they don’t off-gas the way the new synthetic versions do, which makes my lungs breathe easier. While I wouldn’t want to live in the “good old days,” I delight in living with the best products of those times.

Do you embrace vintage in your life?


Keep on writing.

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  1. Actually, I do miss the old type writers. My mother had one and she would type letters to her Italian grandmother in Italy on it. Loved the sound of pulling the paper out — LETTER DONE, ready for mailing! My Dad used his typewriter to write to me in College using the RED ink to save money and ask me “Why I needed this or that.” I never enjoyed those letters… hahaha I thought he used the red ink on purpose to make a statement. Years later I asked him, and he said he was saving the black ink for customers… red ink to write to the kids. 🙂 Never assume anything, right. 🙂

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  2. I used to use a typewriter and I thought I’d reached heaven when the IBM Selectric hit the market. It had a rolling ball, a stationary carriage and correction tape. None of that will make sense to you but, at the time, it was as revolutionary as the iPad😏 No, it didn’t have spell check and the delete function worked best when it was only one or two words. But I still smile when I recall using one for the first time. I think you would have loved it💜

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    • We had an electric typewriter, but using the computer was so much better. Everyone thought I was a nerd because I took programming classes in school, maybe I was, but I loved what they were capable of doing. So yes I love gadgets and technology, and I bet I would have had one of the first electric typewriters in town. ❤

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