The Reward for Hard Work – Daily Quote


Monday morning dawns, and I am excited to get a start on my day. After my online training course last week, I spent hours dealing with my overflowing inbox and reworking my weekly agenda. I feel calm as I review the reminders of the work ahead. I have set new deadlines and self-imposed targets in anticipation of recommitting to my dreams.

That’s when it happens. It never fails. The phone rings, the email alerts ding, and questions queue outside my office door. The pressure to respond, and abandon my finely crafted plan, is overwhelming. I am determined to stay on track, check all the boxes, and still support my coworkers. But the more I accomplish, the more items appear on the never-ending list. The adage says if you want something done, ask the busiest person you know.

I am wiser, and I have learned my lesson. While I love to help family, friends, and even total strangers, I politely decline many inquiries, without guilt. My personal list is far more important. Reaching my goals are more satisfying to complete. What I have discovered is, when I reach my goals, helping others becomes easier.

How do you balance your agenda with requests from others?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “The Reward for Hard Work – Daily Quote

    • Great insight, David. The work can consume every moment, and the interruptions are annoying. Maintaining a balance between the work and interacting with others is a delicate balance.


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