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This time of year, the temperature swings from 30 to 70 degrees and back in a few hours. Rain turns to snow, ice coats every surface, then melts, creating the perfect conditions to weaken our defenses, leaving us susceptible to viruses. I am not concerned about contracting Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The habits my grandmother advocated are still the best practices for remaining healthy today.

Grandma insisted we scrub our hands, face, and under our fingernails, with plenty of soapy warm water whenever we came inside from the big, nasty world. We washed our hands after using the bathroom, before, during, and after we prepared food, served, or ate any meal. Hand washing was vital before applying makeup or contact lenses.

I use a glove or my sleeve when touching public door handles, elevator buttons, and shopping carts. Grandma’s voice reminds me, “You don’t know where that’s been.” I also brush, floss, and gargle to help mitigate any germs that might slip past my defense systems. She advocated avoiding anyone who looked sick, getting enough sleep, staying home the moment we felt ill, and eating lots of chicken soup and forcing liquids.

While these steps aren’t new, I monitor the latest recommendations and sanitize frequently used surfaces, including my phone. The odds are in my favor, and I refuse to worry about circumstances outside of my control. Instead, I live my life and write.

How are you protecting yourself?


Keep on writing.

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  1. haha – “you don’t know where that’s been”! good advice to remember. a friend recently said much the same, she’s not afraid of contacting the illness but wants to stay strong so her body can fight it. with that mindset the virus may well stay clear of here. I am in the midst of a lot of action and don’t feel anxious, life still goes on, we take proper precautions and deal with it sanely.

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