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Many of us have retreated to the perceived safety of our homes, opting for isolation to endure our anxieties over viruses, fluctuating stock markets, canceled events, and general uncertainty. Winter is hard on our mental state, it disrupts our biological clocks, and makes us susceptible to restlessness, sadness, food cravings, frequent napping, and an inability to handle stress. They call it cabin fever. After weeks of hibernation, long dreary nights, and gray gloomy days, it is easy to feel down in the dumps.

Thankfully, Spring is in the air. Daylight lasts longer, temperatures warm, and we dare to hope. They say the best method of coping is to get outside, enjoy a walk outdoors, and soak up the sun. Humans crave social interactions. Even though we spend countless hours on social media sites, scrolling through our feeds and monitoring our friend’s updates, we need to remember to sign out of our accounts and connect in a more meaningful fashion.

A wonderful thing happened this week. My phone has not stopped ringing, beeping, and chiming. Friends and family members have been reaching out, checking in, and touching base. I now have coffee dates, lunch plans, and informal meetups. These are the connections that matter. They are the people we turn to when the going gets tough. When life is uncertain, we depend on those we trust. Together we are strong.

Do you owe a call to a friend?


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7 thoughts on “Finding Support in Adversity and Troubled Times – Daily Quote

  1. It’s so important to say “CALL” — we’re all so prone to text or DM. It’s just not the same. Hearing someone’s voice — it’s just like “enjoying a walk outdoors”. You can’t do that via social media, you need to actually go outside! Talking is connecting in a real way. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. when we put social media and online connections down for awhile and go for a walk we make new connections with other humans out wanting to do the same, like in the old days, just face to face conversation is such a boost to the human soul. wonderful sharing Jo, hope you enjoy those coffee dates! you are a treasured friend

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