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Having a positive attitude is more than a smile on your face. Deeply rooted in your soul, calmness and love flows through your heart and shines in your eyes. Joy, hope, and inspiration can spread faster and create better results than obsessive worry about any virus. A negative view is such a drag. It makes you defensive, causes you to second guess every decision, and encourages you to surrender before you start. It is easy to find yourself consumed by dread and mired in self-doubt. The abyss is frightening, and pulling yourself from the brink is a difficult proposition.

Arm yourself with facts and discard the reactionary hype. Monitor your language and your thoughts.  Does your thinking turn to disastrous results, or do you imagine a favorable outcome? Noticing and changing a single response doesn’t seem like much, but it might be the spark that changes everything.

Staying positive during tough times takes effort. Try to discover something constructive about this situation. Looking for a realistic worst-case scenario helps you realize things may not be scary as your fear-fueled mind produces. Smile, breathe, listen to uplifting music, and know this too shall pass.

How will you respond today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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